We Grow Youth.



We have five main programs that we run here at Pathfinder Farms. We do not charge for the program or project. If you would like to sponsor a young person, please contact us at Pathfinderfarms1@gmail.com.

Connection Plus Program runs from 3:00pm-5:00pm on Mondays. We work with Maranatha Church to develop and deliver. This program generally works with middle school age kids and young high school students. This is a custom curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the students. 

For example, if one of the young men needs a little help with his math, we will take the time to give him the help he needs while we will continue with the other students. We try to use the outdoor grounds as much as possible for our programming, but when the weather gets bad, we move into the woodshop or Activity Center to continue to teach life skills.

The Pathfinder 16:11 starts after school from 3:30pm-7:30pm on Thursdays. This is the longest ministry that we have currently. We serve 8 to 12 young men each week for a school year and many of them come back for two or three more years. 

During that time, we are interacting with them in several consistent ways. We start out with a healthy snack, then we either do team building games or some sort of group activity that will teach them life skills. If the weather is nice (sun out and dry) we try to be outside and keep them moving as much as possible. The main activity (things like outdoor navigation, woodshop, fishing, hiking and nature walks) will take most of the time. We always try to relate our activities with the Bible. We have over 180 main activities.

After cleaning-up we head to the Activity Center for a family style meal. Sometimes the young men help to prepare the food with the help of some of our advisors. After dinner we clean up and have time for Bible study and fellowship.

I should note that we pray several times during our meetings... when we first come together, at mealtime, when we study the Bible, and to end our time together with the Lord’s Prayer. No one has to be a follower of Christ to be in our programing, it's just a benefit.

At the end of the school year, we let the boys plan an overnight outing. They will get to plan the activities, meals, games, and list of needed supplies. This always turns out to be a lot of fun and a real bonding time. This is the last time we will see some of these young men in our programs and emotions can run very high. This time we get to see just how much they guys have grown in many ways.

NEW Program for young ladies that will look very similar to our Pathfinder 16:11 program will start in the fall of 2022.

Skywatcher ministry starts at 6pm-7:30pm and has 9 to 16+ year old young men. This is our largest number of participants ranging from 15 to 30 kids. The curriculum is designed around the armor of God and uses projects to teach life skills that produce positive life habits that will benefit the young men and their families. There are outposts and several camping trips with this ministry.

Gemseekers starts at 6pm-7:30pm and is a group for girls from k-6th grade. We focus on the Gospel of Christ, this year we are studying the Armor of God. Our meetings typically last from 6:00-7:30pm. The first half of the meeting is spent on prayer and Bible teaching, the 2nd half we do projects that teach life skills that focus on positive life habits that will benefit these girls as they grow and mature into adulthood.
Our goal is to help these young girls develop a strong relationship with Jesus and to know they are loved. We have a lot of fun while doing all these things. Our prayer is to add a teen group in the future. In the winter months it’s almost never dry so we keep them inside for the most part. 

C.R.O.P. Programs are available to all these programs and can be linked together to make a more continuous program.  We start plants from seed and transfer them to the greenhouse or directly into the garden. This program includes seed bed preparation, care of the plants, weeding, as well as harvest. After harvest we look forward to getting into the kitchen to teach them how to prepare or preserve the food that they grew. Much of the time spent in this program could be considered for community service hours.

The Wood shop that we use for making our projects is outfitted with many old school hand tools that we teach them how to use and then we show the more modern version. In many cases we will work with each student one on one to make sure that safety is kept at the highest level, we always do safety training first on the tool and any situation awareness that applies. In most cases the boys keep whatever they make and use them for gifts or to put in their survival kits. 

If you have any questions concerning any of the information on this page or the website please contact us at Pathfinder Farms by email Pathfinderfarms1@gmail.com or call us at 419-368-4267.

Thank you for your interest and support.